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There are always rumours from scare-mongers about migration into Australia ‘slowing’ or ‘the door closing’ and such.

Yet the hard fact remains: visa grants increase year on year, and the 2012 – 2013 year is forecast by DIAC to be the highest yet.

Business skills is predicted to be just as high, but this is completely illogical. New criteria from July 2012 on business visas means that roughly 80% of applicants who had a business visa granted in the years before would now be totally ineligible. So it is yet to be seen what happens this year and what the numbers eventually are.

The trend in the skilled routes is that employer nominated visas are growing – as Australian mining continues to surge – and the skilled visas lessen, due to the global financial issues and a lack of confidence from people worldwide – as well as because the skilled…

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