Occupation not on Skilled List?

An explanation of the COL and CSOL (as was at Jan 2013)

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Some potential Australian skilled visa applicants are still confused by the Skilled Occupation Lists.

This is understandable, because the lists have been changing names and altering slightly for years now.

Currently, the ‘SOL’ has some occupations, whilse the ‘CSOL’ has more occupations.

It is explained on this DIAC SOL visa page.

Skilled visas can use the CSOL

The important point here is that if you are applying for a skilled visa (such as subclass 190 state sponsored GSM visa), you can use occupations which are on List 2 of the CSOL.

So people ask things like ‘why is hairdresser not on the SOL’ or ‘why is my occupation not on the skilled list?’

Yet the reality is that the CSOL has more occupations than the ‘older’ SOL did in the past.

List 2 contains occupations such as:

“Schedule 2

Chief Executive or Managing
Director 111111 AIM
Corporate General Manager 111211…

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