Australian School & Family Guide

Australian Schools Guide.

Australia Visa News

An Australian Schools Guide for migrants – for families, parents and children thinking about moving to Australia.

We made this guide because there really is limited information out there. It’s usually just a long list of schools.

This Australian Schools Guide costs A$ 45 and is packed with helpful and concise information.

Australia Schools Guide

What you get in the Australian Schools Guide:

Part 1:

– A general explanation of the Australian schools and education system

– Details about how age groups, single or co-ed schooling

– What are private and public schools in Australia? Which is best?

– The exam system in Australia; what ages take what exams? What exams are reevant for Australian universities and international universities?

Part 2:

For each of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane – a featured run-down of 20 schools:

– Which are the best private schools?

– Which are the best public schools?

– Which…

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