Importing Cars to Australia

Car Shipping Services

Anglo Pacific Plc is the UK’s largest independent shipping company offering a specialist shipping service for motor vehicles. Established for more than 30 years we work to recognised quality standards, ensuring that your car is handled carefully and professionally from start to finish.

Our staff offers professional guidance and advice to provide safe, competitive car shipping solutions. What’s more Anglo Pacific are fully bonded members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), so your car could not be in safer hands.

Car shipping services are from our own facilities in London, Manchester & Glasgow. Our car shipping service can include arranging to store your car and defer shipment to coincide with your anticipated arrival date. Our storage facilities are modern, customs approved and security protected. Alternatively, our destination representative can arrange storage on arrival.

Anglo Pacific provides a unique car shipping tracking system that enables constant monitoring of the location and status of your vehicle. Full particulars including the vessel, estimated date of arrival, and contact details of our local representative will be advised following shipment.

If you are also sending household goods, depending on the volume we can construct a bulkhead and use the remainder of the container space for your belongings. If it’s a car on it’s own a groupage “sahred” service might be a cheaper alternative than an exclusive container.

If from outside the UK:


  • You have owned and used the vehicle overseas for a period of not less than twelve continuous calendar months
  • You are of driving age
  • You are an Australian citizen
  • You are a migrant holding permanent residency in Australia
  • You are not allowed to import any vehicle which is 15 or more year old on the date it lands in Australia
  • Cars are required to be right hand drive

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All motor vehicles imported into Australia after 1 July 2000 are subject to duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST), calculated on the Customs Value of the vehicle.


Before your vehicle can be imported you must obtain a Vehicle Import Approval from the Federal Office of Road Safety in Canberra. If your vehicle arrives at destination port without the approval import approval, the vehicle may be sent back to origin or destroyed.

  • Address enquiries to Administrator: – Vehicle Safety Standards Branch, Dept of Transport and Regional Services, GPO Box 594, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia
  • Phone: (02) 6274 7506
  • Fax: (02) 6274 6013
  • Email:
  • Alternatively, website is:

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This information is not definitive and is intended as a guide only. Destination regulations can change without notice and for specific guidance we strongly recommend that you obtain direct rulings from the Motor Vehicle Standards Federal Office Of Road Safety GPO Box 594, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

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