Watch UK TV online, in Australia

Watch international TV in Australia. Whether UK, Chinese TV, American TV in Australia … get your favourite shows online in Aussie

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Watch UK (or US, Chinese or any overseas TV online) TV online in Australia by using Astrill.

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Astrill is a proxy or VPN.

It is super-easy to download and install – just click a few buttons.

Then, you can select ‘UK’ or another country from a drop-down list.

That’s it!

Once you have selected UK, then you can choose BBC iPlayer, ITVPlayer – just visit any website normally.

The website will then see that you are ‘in the UK’.

It will then work and play as normal.

So if you were wondering ‘how can I watch BBC iPlayer in Australia’ or ‘how can I watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK’, just use Astrill. BBC iPlayer or ITV Player are just examples. If you select UK, you can watch any restricted-access.

If you select USA, you can watch…

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