The study pathway to Australia

Again this is an area of confusion, because the options of study in Australia seem endless, and more importantly, the route from study to Permanent Residence has been unclear and complicated. Even though the student industry is a huge earner for Australia, the government and DIAC especially have not made a good or effective system.

Therefore this means that currently there is no ‘guaranteed’ or definite, certain route from study and on to Australian PR.

However what can be said is that there are general guidelines or trends to giving yourself the best chance.

The first aspect of this is the type of qualification studied.

If possible, you can aim to study a bachelors degree, or a Masters degree. The study must be for at least 2 years to be able to look into the post-study or skilled visa routes.

Even though they may be more expensive, a real degree from a real university is a wiser and safer investment than opting for one of the many, meaningless courses such as ‘certificates’, diplomas, or whatever they want to call themselves, all offered by little ‘institutions’ and various other tin-pot education providers that are looking for a quick buck by teaching random courses.

A bachelors degree in an area such as engineering, IT, teaching, nursing or medicine, accounting, geology, HR, or recognised types of work may be the safest way forwards.

The other point is that you should be the one to research where and what you would like to study – a migration agency can handle the visa application process, but they are not Google – basic internet searches of (1) the type of course and (2) the city you want to go to willo show the universities in that area.


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