Manager assessment for Australian Skilled Visa

The assessment of Manager occupations for Australian skilled visas is done by AIM, the Australian Institute of Managers.

The reality in a visa application and a migration assessment with AIM is that the applicant should be in a position which is more modernly called a Director.

This is because the main criteria of the AIM assessment is:

– Position

The applicant should manage managers below him/her, who in turn manage staff below them.

Simply ‘managing staff’ may be seen as insufficient – the person should be managing at least several people who are managers of different departments.

– Level to a Board, owner or executive level

The applicant should be reporting to (or under the level of) a higher board of owners, CEO type levels of such. Being under further Directoes and Managers above may not been seen as relevant.

Of course, some global companies have so many levels and various area sections and such, that it is impossible to make a clear rule for this.

For specific assessment on your situation, all you need to do is register into the ‘Get Assessed’ section at the top or bottom of the page, and you can speak personally to an assigned consultant who will assess your situation.

– Years in the job and qualifications

The reality is that AIM would like to see a minimum of 3 years in such a role. Qualifications ‘may’ be taken into account, but they will not be, if the applicant simply does not meet the criteria.

The application can be evidenced through personal statemtns and basic work evidence, such as contracts and organisational charts.

Some individuals become sensitive about ‘showing the company information’ to a 3rd part, but everyone who does a skilled visa application will need to show work-based evidence. Firatly, it is nothing new or special, but more importantly, there has never been a case of this being an issue. The assessing authorities simply need to see the evidence in order to do what they want to do: make an assessment. The World is not going to try to sneak out and obsess over the basic working details of one person or company, so this should just be gotten on with.

What if you cannot meet the criteria for an AIM assessment?

IF you are not seen as someone managing sufficient managers below you, then there may still be options for a VETASSESS assessment if you have a bachelors degree.

Occupations such as Management Consultant, Organisation & Methods Analyst, Information & Organisation professional – these can serve as relevant occupations for which professional business people can show relevant tasks and work.

As always!

For an assessment on your specific situation, – all – you – have – to – do: is go to GET ASSESSED at the top or bottom.

Register and in your own Client Area, an assigned consultant will speak with you about your specific case.


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