Rental accommodation for new migrants arriving in Australia

Finding somewhere to live in Australia is a very simple, but very important aspect!

There are a few different ways that you can manage the process of securing somewhere to live and you and your family. Some of these are:

Go to Australia on holiday during the visa process

The Australia visa processing times can be 6 to 12 months on average. That means that you can still take this time to travel to Australia on a visitor visa – as long as you are sure that it is safe to do so and has been mentioned to the visa agent or the DIAC case officer.

Travel to Australia once after visa grant, to both activate the visas and to look around

The visa will have an entry expiry date – a date by which you must just make one first entry to Australia. This can be for one day or forever – as long as you step past entry clearance then the visa is activated. The main applicant must enter before – or at the same time as – the other applicants from the visa application. So you could choose to use this time to scout around before returning to your original country to wrap things up before final departure.

You could also have the main applicant take a trip by themself to scout around, while the other applicants then come to join later – as long as they also enter still before that date on their visas!

Book a short term rental accommodation in Australia before you all go at once together.

Stay in the short term rental and then look around for a normal long term rental.

Renting in Australia is easy, and remember that you are not the first pioneer – literally hundreds of thousands of new migrants arrive in Australia every year!

So finding new rentals as a ‘new arrival’ is not a problem.

How to research rental accommodation in Aus?

Easy – Real Estate is the easiest and best website to check

If you want a Map based on Australian postcodes, then just use What Postcode


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