About Us

About Us

Australian Visa and Immigration Group.

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Lawyers & Barristers. Premium migration services for business and individuals

Members of our team have been helping people to successfully settle in Australia for over 20 years.

Visa Solutions’s Board Certified Attorneys offer a full range of smarter and more cost effective Australian immigration legal services

Visa Solutions, LLC is a dynamic law firm working exclusively in the area of immigration and citizenship law.  We are the fastest growing alternative Australian immigration law firm.  Our firm is unique because we have developed expertise in representing our clients by responding to the new market demands that require innovation, technology, and value.  We are changing the way clients secure immigration and visa services.

Visa Solutions, LLC head office is based in the United States, with application processing offices in both the United States and in Australia.  We represent clients from all over the world with the single common goal of immigrating to the great country of Australia.  We regularly schedule in person consultations around the United States (Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles), in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), in South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), and in the EU (UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece etc) and visit other countries on a regular basis.

We have specialist teams for partner and skills visas, and have particular expertise in finding solutions for difficult cases.

We have have extensive experience in representing H1B and other non-immigrant USA visa holders who are seeking permanent residence and citizenship in Australia.

We have a wide range of cost effective services ranging from eServices to fully represented services. Our range of services provides a solution for every budget.

By entering Visa Solutions secure online client portal, the client has full access to immigration lawyers and consultants and also their individual client file, 7 days each week and virtually 24 hours a day.  Our goal is to provide a seamless environment between the client and attorney throughout the immigration process, regardless of the client’s country of origin or location.  We offer an open, accessible law firm, ready to represent your interests ethically and expeditiously.

Visa Solutions attorneys and professional consultants are available to assist individual skilled visa applicants, businesses, investors, and corporations with their immigration needs, including legal representation in all immigrant, non-immigrant, temporary, and permanent visa matters.

We assist clients with all skilled visa applications and the mandatory Australian government skills assessment  process.  We assist clients with all family stream visa applications, including applicants applying for married spouse visas, de facto partner visas, same sex partner LGBT visas, and parent migration visas.  Our experiences attorneys also represent clients with more complex legal matters such as naturalization and citizenship, return residence visa applications, deportation defense, as well as in tribunal submissions and immigration court actions.

Our goal is to guide and provide a seamless environment between client and attorney throughout the immigration process. We offer an open, accessible law firm, willing to represent your interests ethically, zealously and expeditiously.

Our professional consultants are available to assist with skilled visa applications, business visa application, family stream applications including spouse / partner and parent migration, employer nominated applications and the full range of skills assessments and state sponsorships


One of the US based consultant teams

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