Can you live in other states on a subclass 190 visa?

Living in other states on a subclass 190 visa

Can you live in other states on a state-sponsored visa? What is state-sponsorship?

This is one of the biggest issues in skilled migration, because many people mis-understand the reality of the regulations and visa conditions.

The fact is this: The subclass 190 state-sponsored visa is a ‘full Permanent Resident’ visa.

This means that you are given the status of ‘Australian Permanent Residence’.

The visa does not have conditions applied to it that are at all relevant to being state-sponsored. The visa label does not say what state sponsored (just like a PR visa label does not say the occupation used when applying).

The application is the APPLICATION.

Once Permanent Resident status is granted, then you cannot be restricted to live or work in only one state. That would be against the idea of ‘Permanent Residence’ and having full rights in Australia.

Some visas have residential-location specific conditions. The subclass 489 provisional Pr, regional sponsored visa does have the condition that you must live and work in a regional area. What are regional areas of Australia? They are defined by Postcode and generally mean 1 hour drive outside the main cities, but Adelaide is included as a regional area.

But – the subclass 190 state-sponsorship visa does not have any such conditions.

Of course the sponsoring state would like you to live in the state.

But if you ask them directly about this issue – that’s right, ask the state directly about the issue, why not?! – then they will also inform you that it is not a legal condition, legal restriction or otherwise a Federal nor national law related to the entire issue.

The state is also not relevant when applying for citizenship.

The initial issues are one side — but the reality is that you need to apply for the visa to even obtain Permanent Residence

So go to the GET ASSESSED at the top or bottom of these pages and start your personal Australian visa assessment with an expert, now.

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Summary of the subclass 190 state-sponsorship visa

Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa


  • Permanent visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government.
  • Allows visa holder to live and work anywhere in Australia.
  • Allows certain family members to be added before the application is decided.


  • Nomination by a state/territory government.
  • Invitation to apply.
  • Meet points test pass mark.
  • Nominate a skilled occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list.
  • Hold a suitable skills assessment.
  • Under 50 years of age.
  • At least competent English. (but need at least an IELTS score of min 7 for each part to claim points – which is required)
  • Other standard requirements including health and character.

To be able to lodge a valid 190 visa application you need to first submit an expression of interest (EOI) for this visa and then receive an invitation to apply.

State and territory government agencies will have access to SkillSelect. ASA will coordinate the application with the state Goverment after we submit your EOI

*** If the state/territory government nominates you, you will automatically receive an invitation from SkillSelect to apply for a visa. ***

The Points Test requirement

The points test is a transparent and objective method of selecting skilled migrants with the skills and attributes needed in Australia. The Points Test awards points on the basis of a range of skills and attributes.

You have to meet the Points Test pass mark in order to be granted a visa. The pass mark is the total number of points you must score to pass the Points Test. The pass mark is subject to change and any changes to the pass mark are announced on the department’s website.

In order to submit a complete EOI you must meet the points test pass mark. Your complete EOI will then be ranked on the basis of your claims against points test factors. Invitations will be issued to those who achieve the highest rankings, subject to the operation of the occupational ceiling.

If you receive an invitation to apply and make an application, your application will then be assessed against the Points Test. Your points score against the Points Test must be equal to or greater than the number of points you claimed in your EOI.

What evidence do I need to support my claims?

When you submit your EOI you will not be asked to provide evidence to support your claims. However, if you are invited to apply, you will need to provide evidence to support all the claims that were in your EOI at the time you were invited.

If my circumstances change while waiting for an invitation, what do I do?

EOIs remain active in SkillSelect for two years. During the time from when you submit your EOI to when you receive an invitation or your EOI ceases, information about your attributes and skills may change. SkillSelect will automatically calculate any changes to your age up to the period you are invited. However, for other factors, such as if you upgrade you English proficiency, you will need to enter this new information into SkillSelect.

Age requirements

At time of invitation, you must be less than 50 years of age. This means that even if you are under 50 when you submit your EOI, it is your age at the time an invitation that is taken into account.

Skills assessment

To apply for this visa you must nominate an occupation that is on the SOL that is current at the date an invitation is issued. The SOL lists all eligible occupations for points tested skilled migration.

Regardless of which points tested skilled migration visa you apply for, you must provide evidence that your skills have been assessed as suitable for your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

Each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes and fees.

English language requirements

At time of invitation, you will be required to demonstrate that you have at least Competent English. Competent English is defined as an International English Language Test System (IELTS) score of at least six in each of the four components of the IELTS test; or at least B in the Occupational English Test (OET) test; or being a citizen and passport holder of either the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland or the USA.

Location and eligible visa requirements

You can be in or outside Australia when you submit your EOI, when you lodge an application or when the visa is decided.

If you are intending to apply in Australia, there are no prerequisite visa requirements to lodge an application in Australia. You can apply if you are the holder of any valid visa except some bridging and other non substantive visas (Bridging visas D, E or F; Criminal justice visa; or an enforcement visa).

It is important to note, that an EOI is not a visa application and you will not be granted a Bridging visa. If you are in Australia when you submit an EOI, and you do not hold a valid visa or are unable to apply for one, then you must depart Australia.

Invitation to apply

You can only apply for this visa if you have received an invitation from SkillSelect to apply for the visa.

If you receive an invitation, you will then have 60 days to make a valid visa application, before the invitation expires.

Note:If you do not make a valid visa application after receiving two invitations, your expression of interest (EOI) will be removed from SkillSelect


All such details of any subclass of visa, details of the subclass 189 vs subclass 190, which visa is better, as well as living in another state on a subclass 190 visa can change at any time.

For the most up to date and live, personal information on any Australian visa subclass, simply go to the GET ASSESSED options at the top or bottom of the pages now.


Health and medical requirements for Australian visas

There are no set rules, only guidelines and history when it comes to the assessment of health conditions and medical exam requirements for an Australian visa.


Applicants for most types of visas for Australia are required to meet health requirements, amongst other prescribed criteria, before a visa can be granted. All applicants for permanent migration visas, and long stay temporary / provisional visas are required to undergo a full medical examination and chest x-ray with a “panel doctor” (see below) before a visa can be granted. Some applicants for temporary stay visas may also be required to undergo one or both examinations, or provide a “fitness to travel” letter from a doctor before a visa can be granted.

Please note that no one can guarantee that your application will meet the medical criteria, and that no assessment of medical conditions can be done prior to an actual visa application being lodged.

You can consider case law, and purely guess if any medical condition is likely to lead to a refusal on medical grounds – but, in many cases, an accurate assessment of serious medical matters can not be made unless it clearly falls within the serious conditions listed below with significant associated medical costs

All children / dependents included in your application aged 11 + must undertake full medicals and X-ray examination. NOTE also that ALL children under age 18, whether they are applying or included in the applicant or not, MUST do a medical and pass a medical – this INCLUDES children from a previous marriage not included in your application.

All the persons included in your application as well as all of your dependents (even if they are not included in your application) MUST undertake a medical exam, and must “pass” the medical. If one fails, all fail – and the visa will be refused.


Which medical conditions are cause for concern ?

Some brief notes on health assessments. All people who come to Australia are assessed as to their healthiness. For people applying for permanent visas this is a critical part of their overall assessment. If they fail their health checks they will most likely not obtain a visa to Australia.

People who have medical problems that may harm the health of the Australian public would find it difficult to meet the health criteria as would those who cause Prejudice of Access (transplantation, dialysis, blood products, radiotherapy, high level nursing home care, etc). However most health problems relate not to contagious diseases but the cost of caring for those problems.

If the cost of the health care is ‘significant’ then a refusal of a visa application normally follows.

As a general guide an assessment is made of the likely health costs over 3-5 years. If these costs are greater than $20,000 they are considered ‘significant’. In calculating these costs factors taken into account include use of Health and Community services, Costs of Support Services (carer payments, disability support pensions, residential care, respite care and home help, disability equipment, supported education, palliative care).

Some medical conditions of importance (which may lead to a refusal on medical grounds)

HIV – costs of specialist care, antiviral medication and hospital/hospice care, loss of work capacity

Chronic Active Hepatitis (B or C) – costs of specialist care, interferon and antiviral medication, liver failure. Loss of function, work capacity.

Heart Disorders – eg ischaemic heart disease, coronary artery disease, valvular disease, heart failure, arrhythmias. Costs of specialist care, bypass surgery, valve replacement, implantable defibrillator, heart transplantation. Loss of function, work capacity, independence.

Blood Disorder – eg haemophilia, thalassemia major, leukaemia. Costs of specialists care, blood products, bone marrow transplantation, palliative care (if required).

Endocrine Disorders – diabetes. Costs of specialist care, potential for kidney failure and need for dialysis, other complications, loss of function & work capacity.

Growth hormone deficiency. High costs of growth hormone therapy.

Deafness – costs of cochlear implant (depending on age), speech therapy, deaf service teacher & interpreters, loss of work capcity.

Blindness – costs of income support, Braille equipment, guide dog, loss of work capacity.

Nerve and Brain disorders – cerebrovascular disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, paralyses. Costs of treatment, rehabilitation, residential care, loss of independence.

Orthopaedic and connective tissue disorders (eg arthritis). Cost of joint replacements, loss of work capacity, loss of independence, residential care.

Psychiatric Disorders – eg schizophrenia, major depression, drug and alcohol dependence. Costs of specialist care, hospital inpatient costs, residential care, rehabilitation, and detoxification programs.

Chest Disorders (excluding TB) – eg chronic obstructive disease, cystic fibrosis, respiratory failure. Costs of specialist care, recurrent hospital admissions, specialized medications, lung transplantation, home oxygen. TB will lead to a refusal on medical grounds immediately.

Cancers – cost of treatment (initial and for any recurrence) and surveillance. If in remission, can be cleared ?

There is a health waiver available for a number of visa classes where the costs can be more than significant, mostly this occurs in close family cases like Partners, fiancés etc. In such situations the costs can be up to around $200,000 and still meet the health criteria, although all are treated on a case by case basis.

There are no easy decisions but instead case history can be referred to for the sake of perspective.

For your Australia visa assessment, just go to ‘register’ and ‘Get Assessed’ at the top or bottom of the pages.

The study pathway to Australia

Again this is an area of confusion, because the options of study in Australia seem endless, and more importantly, the route from study to Permanent Residence has been unclear and complicated. Even though the student industry is a huge earner for Australia, the government and DIAC especially have not made a good or effective system.

Therefore this means that currently there is no ‘guaranteed’ or definite, certain route from study and on to Australian PR.

However what can be said is that there are general guidelines or trends to giving yourself the best chance.

The first aspect of this is the type of qualification studied.

If possible, you can aim to study a bachelors degree, or a Masters degree. The study must be for at least 2 years to be able to look into the post-study or skilled visa routes.

Even though they may be more expensive, a real degree from a real university is a wiser and safer investment than opting for one of the many, meaningless courses such as ‘certificates’, diplomas, or whatever they want to call themselves, all offered by little ‘institutions’ and various other tin-pot education providers that are looking for a quick buck by teaching random courses.

A bachelors degree in an area such as engineering, IT, teaching, nursing or medicine, accounting, geology, HR, or recognised types of work may be the safest way forwards.

The other point is that you should be the one to research where and what you would like to study – a migration agency can handle the visa application process, but they are not Google – basic internet searches of (1) the type of course and (2) the city you want to go to willo show the universities in that area.


Waiving or lifting the condition 8503

Condition 8503 refers to not being able to apply for further visas in Australia.

Where can I find the conditions on my visa? How can I see if I have condition 8503 on my visa?

Conditions are usually printed onto the visa label. If you do not have a visa label, then it should have been included in the email sent to you about your e-visa.

To read the basic details about waiving or changing the condition 8503, you can try to read through this DIAC explanation.

For a more detailed and personal explanation, simply register into your own Client Area and we will assess the visa options – just go to the Get Assessed section above or below.



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Using an agent and an Australian visa agency

Why use an Agent?

People will not represent themselves in a court of law without an appointed advocate and lawyer who knows the law intimately and can best put their case to the judge and jury utilising their skills, experience and knowledge to the advantage of the client. The same applies in migration cases.

Reputable registered migration agents are professional persons.

We know the law, the complexities and criteria applicable to presenting an immigration application and we know how to best compile, prepare and present your case to the department of immigration.

In migration applications, you potentially have one chance at success, fail and you could possibly close the doors. As specialists, we ensure that you firstly apply for the right visa, and secondly we prepare your case in a manner that will guarantee the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

We ensure that the correct information is stated on the vast number of application forms, that you present the correct supporting evidence, and we then submit a substantial submission (up to 120 pages) with your application where we address every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and procedures manual the immigration officers use in relation to your case and the supporting evidence you supplied.

There is normally a great deal of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with the department – mostly due to changes in circumstances, regulations or due to the long period that application processing takes. We take care of all of these questions and represent you until you obtain your visa. We are required to undertake ongoing intensive annual studies to allow us re-registration annually.

It is always in our best interest to ensure that your application succeeds !

Are the fees charged by agents excessive ?

Firstly, our charge on average 30 to 50% less than most other agents, secondly, you pay for professional services like you would for your advocate, lawyer, architect or doctor, and lastly what price can you put on your future?

If you made a decision to migrate, you should be feel confident, secure and assured that your case has the best possible chances of success, as this will obviously have great influence on the rest of your life.

Many do-it-yourself applications fail, while we utilise our extensive skills and expertise and we spend a great deal of time and effort on each application we handle to ensure that your money invested in your future is invested to your benefit and advantage.

The cost of a Visa applications is significant, and application fees paid to DIAC are not refundable. If your visa is refused, you loose your fees.

Every application we process is done individually by highly qualified persons – we spend on average over 60 hours on a TR application, and up to 120 hours on a PR application until conclusion of the application.

Your visa is your passport to your future, without it the doors are closed to your new life in Australia.

Emigrating to Australia – calmly

Emigrate to Australia – consider the issues, what is involved, the practical points and logistics of the move, where you will live and how you will enjoy life to the full with rich opportunities in a spacious, friendly, optimistic and fair society, within a truly beautiful country with great weather.

Do not stress or be overly nervous – if possible!
All ASA Consultants staff have migrated to Australia from other countries, be it 5, 10 or 25 years ago.

This means that we are fully aware that it is normal to consider many issues related to getting to somewhere new.

Yet please consider this – you are not the first person to migrate to Australia. When you finally get your Australian visa, emigrate, get on a plane and land, you will probably not even be the first person emigrating to Australia *that day*.(true fact!)

The conclusion? You will not be a pioneer, exploring new lands and creating new systems for managing immigrants.

The entire system of the country of Australia is set up to accept, intake, help and settle new migrants.

You will need a job, right? Well guess what – there are MANY recruitment agencies ready to help migrants find new work. You wouldn’t have thought that this DIDN’T exist, right? Otherwise you’d have quite a good ‘gap in the market’ to offer 200,000 migrants per year job recruitment services.

But no, this is already well taken care of. So while that ‘gap’ is closed, the good news for you, the newly arrived migrant, is that there are many recruitment companies wanting to find you work. And there is work, because the government gave you a visa.

Yes, the government generally only gives people Australian Permanent Resident visas to people that are desperately NEEDED.

So logically, there are jobs waiting – in there tens of thousands, if you read any Australian newspaper.

The banking system, rental accomodation, healthcare systems, ALL types of personal administration – all there, ready to help you and your family settle down successfully in Australia. That logical fact should relax you, so that you can concentrate on planning to enjoy life and live it to the full in Aussie.

Australia Migration Expos

Australia Migration Expos

For those of you considering visiting an Australian Migration Expo, then do consider: –

  • the cost of a migration expo
  • the time it will take (a whole day?)
  • what level of PERSONAL, RELEVANT, and DETAILED information will you receive at the migration expo?
  • bear in mind that if you expect to be able to go such an Australian migration expo and speak to interested employees, this have never been the case, aside perhaps for mining workers or very specifically advertised area ssuch as certain healthcare roles.

However, we now focus on one to one, private personal consultations, where we travel around the country (we give personal consultations in the UK, South Africa, the US, the Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, China (Shanghai) and other countries besides, with teams based on those countries and experts from Australia) and meet you in a more personal, private, yet relaxed and highly informative meeting.

At Australia Migration Expos, you will mainly see currency exchange companies, shipping companies, and be able to speak for a few minutes with migration companies, if you can fight to snatch their time.

For a full assessment which is only done by a real person – NOT an automated assessment – then please just register into your own Client Area, and you will be contacted by an experienced Australia visa expert.

Go to the ‘Get Assesed’ page above.

After you register, just watch your email inbox (or junk / spam if it gets sent there) for the notification. Then you can go back in to your Client Area and speak with your consultant in the ‘online communication’ area, by posting your message and getting a reply back within a day.