Australian Business visas in 2013

The Investor visa is part of the ‘Business Innovation and Investment’ stream, newly launched in 2012 with much more stringent criteria.

The visa application process for investor visas begins in November 2012 – and essentially means that investors would need to invest at least AUD 5 million into Australia – either in bonds or into a company.

Chris Bowen, Minister for migration said “The business innovation and investment program is positioned to target migrants with a demonstrated history of success in business and investment, to make a powerful contribution to national innovation and the Australian economy”

“‘The AUD 5 million minimum is considered to be sufficient for a meaningful investment contribution, justifying eligibility for visa concessions such as not having to meet the points test, no upper age limit and access to reduced residence requirements”, he went on to say.

Yet will the net worth be better for Australia?

the previous investor visa asked the applicant to have at least AUD 1.125 million, with AUD 750,000 to invest in government bonds.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that 50 applicants investing AUD 750,000, is better than 3 applicants investing 5 million each.

The likely figures of people using the investor route is not yet known. Yet logically speaking, DIAC could look at previous applicants of the investor route and see how many of them had such huge resources as 5 million. It will not be that many, at all, that entered Australia versus the total number who entered and invested the 750,000.

It could therefore be asked as to why this change has come about. Nonetheless, the new criteria is set until further changes may alter it yet again.

Registering a new company in Australia

How to register a new company from outside Australia?

How can I register a company in Australia as a non-Australian?

Registering a company in Australia from overseas.

Comprehensive financial services for ASA clients


Most other online offers of a company registration service will ONLY offer a business *name* registration, and seem cheaper at several hundred dollars.

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  • RA72 Format Data file
  • Form 201
  • Adhesive Seal File
  • Consent to use of an Address
  • Application(s) for Shares
  • Share Certificate(s)
  • Bank Account Application Letter
  • TFN Application Letter
  • Notice of Appointment of Public Officer
  • Directors Rotation Record
  • Directors Meeting Minutes
  • Members Minutes
  • Trustees Minutes
  • Spare Share Certificates
  • Spare Consent Forms
Consent(s) to Act as a
  • Director
  • Alternate Director
  • Secretary
  • Public Officer
Resignation Letter for
  • Director
  • Alternate Director
  • Secretary
Register(s) of
  • Directors
  • Secretaries
  • Members
  • Seal Register
  • Charges Register