Australia should increase its immigration levels, Labor leadership hopeful Bill Shorten has declared, saying the next arrival could “be the next Albert Einstein or a good taxpayer”

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has changed its name to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Why use an agent or professional assistance for your application ?

Why use an Agent?

People will not represent themselves in a court of law without an appointed advocate and lawyer who knows the law intimately and can best put their case to the judge and jury utilising their skills, experience and knowledge to the advantage of the client. The same applies in migration cases.

Reputable registered migration agents are professional persons.

We know the law, the complexities and criteria applicable to presenting an immigration application and we know how to best compile, prepare and present your case to the department of immigration.

In migration applications, you potentially have one chance at success, fail and you could possibly close the doors. As specialists, we ensure that you firstly apply for the right visa, and secondly we prepare your case in a manner that will guarantee the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

We ensure that the correct information is stated on the vast number of application forms, that you present the correct supporting evidence, and we then submit a substantial submission (up to 120 pages) with your application where we address every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and procedures manual the immigration officers use in relation to your case and the supporting evidence you supplied.

There is normally a great deal of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with the department – mostly due to changes in circumstances, regulations or due to the long period that application processing takes. We take care of all of these questions and represent you until you obtain your visa.

It is always in our best interest to ensure that your application succeeds !

Are the fees charged by agents excessive ?

Firstly, we charge on average 30 to 50% less than most other migration firms, secondly, you pay for professional services like you would for your advocate, lawyer, architect or doctor, and lastly what price can you put on your future?

If you made a decision to migrate, you should be feel confident, secure and assured that your case has the best possible chances of success, as this will obviously have great influence on the rest of your life.

Many do-it-yourself applications fail. We utilise our extensive skills and expertise and we spend a great deal of time and effort on each application we handle to ensure that your money invested in your future is invested to your benefit and advantage.

The cost of a Visa applications is significant, and application fees paid to DIBP are not refundable. If your visa is refused, you loose your fees.

Every application we process is done individually by highly qualified persons – we spend on average over 60 hours on a TR application, and up to 120 hours on a PR application until conclusion of the application.

Your visa is your passport to your future, without it the doors are closed to your new life in Australia.

Australian School & Family Guide

Australian Schools Guide.

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An Australian Schools Guide for migrants – for families, parents and children thinking about moving to Australia.

We made this guide because there really is limited information out there. It’s usually just a long list of schools.

This Australian Schools Guide costs A$ 45 and is packed with helpful and concise information.

Australia Schools Guide

What you get in the Australian Schools Guide:

Part 1:

– A general explanation of the Australian schools and education system

– Details about how age groups, single or co-ed schooling

– What are private and public schools in Australia? Which is best?

– The exam system in Australia; what ages take what exams? What exams are reevant for Australian universities and international universities?

Part 2:

For each of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane – a featured run-down of 20 schools:

– Which are the best private schools?

– Which are the best public schools?

– Which…

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Watch UK TV online, in Australia

Watch international TV in Australia. Whether UK, Chinese TV, American TV in Australia … get your favourite shows online in Aussie

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Watch UK (or US, Chinese or any overseas TV online) TV online in Australia by using Astrill.

Click this Astrill link to get a 5% discount !

Astrill is a proxy or VPN.

It is super-easy to download and install – just click a few buttons.

Then, you can select ‘UK’ or another country from a drop-down list.

That’s it!

Once you have selected UK, then you can choose BBC iPlayer, ITVPlayer – just visit any website normally.

The website will then see that you are ‘in the UK’.

It will then work and play as normal.

So if you were wondering ‘how can I watch BBC iPlayer in Australia’ or ‘how can I watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK’, just use Astrill. BBC iPlayer or ITV Player are just examples. If you select UK, you can watch any restricted-access.

If you select USA, you can watch…

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Occupation not on Skilled List?

An explanation of the COL and CSOL (as was at Jan 2013)

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Some potential Australian skilled visa applicants are still confused by the Skilled Occupation Lists.

This is understandable, because the lists have been changing names and altering slightly for years now.

Currently, the ‘SOL’ has some occupations, whilse the ‘CSOL’ has more occupations.

It is explained on this DIAC SOL visa page.

Skilled visas can use the CSOL

The important point here is that if you are applying for a skilled visa (such as subclass 190 state sponsored GSM visa), you can use occupations which are on List 2 of the CSOL.

So people ask things like ‘why is hairdresser not on the SOL’ or ‘why is my occupation not on the skilled list?’

Yet the reality is that the CSOL has more occupations than the ‘older’ SOL did in the past.

List 2 contains occupations such as:

“Schedule 2

Chief Executive or Managing
Director 111111 AIM
Corporate General Manager 111211…

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Australian Migration Program

Australian visa Stats for Last Year

Australia Visa News

There are always rumours from scare-mongers about migration into Australia ‘slowing’ or ‘the door closing’ and such.

Yet the hard fact remains: visa grants increase year on year, and the 2012 – 2013 year is forecast by DIAC to be the highest yet.

Business skills is predicted to be just as high, but this is completely illogical. New criteria from July 2012 on business visas means that roughly 80% of applicants who had a business visa granted in the years before would now be totally ineligible. So it is yet to be seen what happens this year and what the numbers eventually are.

The trend in the skilled routes is that employer nominated visas are growing – as Australian mining continues to surge – and the skilled visas lessen, due to the global financial issues and a lack of confidence from people worldwide – as well as because the skilled…

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