Employer Sponsorship & Labour Agreements

Employer Nomination or Sponsorship is one of the more complex areas of Australian migration because there are many different routes and visa types.

Aside the main employer nominated visas, usually called ENS, or subclass 457 temporary sponsorship, there is something else called a Labour Agreement.

What is a Labour Agreement?

This is when you want to sponsor one or more employees for a visa that will allow them to work for you in Australia — but, the occupation is not on the skilled list.

This means you mainly need to show:

1) Why this employee is uniquely good for your business

2) why you have been unable to recruit (after extensive and lengthy searches) a local Australian for the job

and possibly

3) what training you do provide for your Australian employees

among others.

How long does it take to get a Labour Agreement?

The standard processing time is stated at 6 months, though it can be more.

There are three DIAC booklets about Labour Agreements:



Meat Industry

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