Australia spouse visa interview

We have already explained the different Australia spouse / partner visa options, shown in the links below.

But how about the Australia spouse visa interview?

If you lodged your Australia partner visa in person, then you may have been interviewed at the time of lodging. but what if you lodged your de facto, prospective /  fiance or other visa type and have not been interviewed yet? will you be interviewed for the Australian spouse visa?

The case officers usually decide based on the nature of the application. This is a basic idea but anything can happen.

If the applicant and sponsor are both young (or at least both similar ages), and are clearly from similar backgrounds, have not been married before, have not applied for (or sponsored for) an Australian visa before, and have spent plenty of time together, in a normal and reasonable way before marrying (or applying), then there may not be a telephone interview.

If the applicant and sponsor (for EXAMPLE) are:

  • from different backgrounds of cultures
  • do not speak the same language
  • have been married before
  • are not similar ages
  • have applied for or sponsored for an Australian spouse visa before
  • have provided insufficient basic evidence
  • have provided inconsistent or confusing information
  • have made mistakes in their visa application

then they MAY be more likely to have a telephone interview with the case officer.

Australia visa

The case officer may want to know things such as:

– If your ages are very different, is the applicant genuine? Does (for EXAMPLE) a 21 year old Asian girl want to marry a 59 year old Australian man just to get an Australian spouse visa, or is it a genuine spousal relationship?

– If the applicant has previously applied for an Australian spouse visa, why did that fail? Why is this relationship genuine?

– If the applicant and sponsor do not speak the same language, how can they communicate?


The more specific questions of an interview for an Australian spouse visa may be questions such as:

– when and how did you meet each other?

– when did the ‘relationship’ start?

– have you met each other’s familt and friends? Who and when?

– when and where did you live together? What did you do when together?

– how do you communicate when apart?

– what plans do you have for your lives together in Australia?


Some case officers may even ask much more specific questions, such as:

– what side of the bed do you sleep on?

– what does he/she have for breakfast?

– where did he/she go to school?

– who is his/her best friend?

– what does he/she do at work?

and this kind of thing.

These are all and only basic examples of what may or may not be asked.

And even genuine married couples who have been together for years may have some discrepancies, because some things are seen differently by each person. So it may be worth just checking to make sure that you both think the same thing about basic issues!



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