New Zealand Partner visa for Australia

How can a husband or wife of a New Zealand NZ citizen get an Australian visa?

I am an NZ citizen, how can my husband or wife come to live and work in Australia?

There are two main ways within a partner stream.

If someone is an eligible NZ citizen, they can go in the main spouse / partner visa stream. What is an eligible NZ citizen? How is someone an eligible New Zealand citizen?

This means that they must have been in Australia before a stated date – usually given as around the year 2001 – and therefore have their eligible NZ citizen visa status.

If not, then an NZ citizen may still sponsor their husband or wife on a subclass 461 NZ partner visa.

This is a 5 year visa, giving rights in Australia. It means that they should be either married, or de-facto: have lived together for 12 months before applying. There is no prospective NZ spouse provision.

For details on the evidence and documentation required for a subclass 461 visa, as well as checklists, guides, forms and instructions, simply go to ‘Get Assessed’ at the top or bottom of the page.