Australia spouse visa processing times

Australian spouse and partner visa processing times do differ from country to country.

In an Australian partner, spouse, prospective spouse, de-facto visa application, the Australian citizen or Permanent Resident is the sponsor.

The person applying to come and live with them in Australia, with their new Australian visa.

Where do I lodge an Australian spouse visa? How can I apply and lodge the spouse visa application?

The country that the application will be lodged in is whichever country the applicant is in.

What if there is not an Australian embassy or visa office in the country? Then it will be a normal system that a near, nominated other country will have the Australian visa office or embassy that will take the applications.

Why are processing times different for different nationalities? Is this discrimination?

No it is not – this is based on the number of times that people of that nationality have over-stayed in Australia or broke visa rules and/or lodged fake or fraudulent applications.

It may also be about the time that the case officer needs to undergo the full checks of an application.

If the Australian sponsor is much older than the application, comes from a different culture, may not speak the same language and other issues, the DIAC case officer may feel as though they need to undergo further interviews or request further evidence, in order to ensure that the application is genuine, and that the applicant is not just after an Australian visa.

These are DIAC’s rules, not ours!

This is just the way that the system has been codified or regulated, so that legal decisions can be made related to something quite indefinable at times: a spousal relationship.


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