Emigrating to Australia – calmly

Emigrate to Australia – consider the issues, what is involved, the practical points and logistics of the move, where you will live and how you will enjoy life to the full with rich opportunities in a spacious, friendly, optimistic and fair society, within a truly beautiful country with great weather.

Do not stress or be overly nervous – if possible!
All ASA Consultants staff have migrated to Australia from other countries, be it 5, 10 or 25 years ago.

This means that we are fully aware that it is normal to consider many issues related to getting to somewhere new.

Yet please consider this – you are not the first person to migrate to Australia. When you finally get your Australian visa, emigrate, get on a plane and land, you will probably not even be the first person emigrating to Australia *that day*.(true fact!)

The conclusion? You will not be a pioneer, exploring new lands and creating new systems for managing immigrants.

The entire system of the country of Australia is set up to accept, intake, help and settle new migrants.

You will need a job, right? Well guess what – there are MANY recruitment agencies ready to help migrants find new work. You wouldn’t have thought that this DIDN’T exist, right? Otherwise you’d have quite a good ‘gap in the market’ to offer 200,000 migrants per year job recruitment services.

But no, this is already well taken care of. So while that ‘gap’ is closed, the good news for you, the newly arrived migrant, is that there are many recruitment companies wanting to find you work. And there is work, because the government gave you a visa.

Yes, the government generally only gives people Australian Permanent Resident visas to people that are desperately NEEDED.

So logically, there are jobs waiting – in there tens of thousands, if you read any Australian newspaper.

The banking system, rental accomodation, healthcare systems, ALL types of personal administration – all there, ready to help you and your family settle down successfully in Australia. That logical fact should relax you, so that you can concentrate on planning to enjoy life and live it to the full in Aussie.